Call For Short Films & Books (in English)
on the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.a.)

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly is an international non-governmental organization with a worldwide membership, including hundreds of elite followers of the Ahlulbayt (Infallible Household of the Holy Prophet of Islam).

The Assembly has an important mission to provide intellectual, cultural and missionary support for all those who love the infallible members of Holy Prophet’s Household.

By the grace and assistance of Allah, the organization has accomplished great works. At the present time, due to extensive propagandistic attacks of the enemies of Islam in form of a soft war the Ahlulbayt World Assembly has decided to enter new fields of cultural and media activities in order to take advantage of art. In line with this strategy, it has arranged to organize the Ahlulbayt 1st Cultural & Art Festival.

The influx of Western media’s attacks against the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.a.) through art and cultural tools made us hold a Grand Prize Contest on the character of the Holy Prophet (s.a.) in the first period of the festival with the cooperation of a few governmental and popular organizations under two branches of topics: “production of short films” and “authoring books”. The subject of the contest is “Prophet Muhammad (s.a): the Prophet of Mercy and Justice”.

Aims & Objectives

1. To introduce spiritual beauties of the Prophet of Mercy & Justice as well as different aspects of his social, individual, and humane approaches.

2. To raise awareness among all societies, particularly Western communities, about the realities in Holy Prophet’s life and his teachings.

3. To promulgate elevated socio-cultural values ​​of Islam and the Holy Quran through cultural and artistic tools.

4. To prepare the ground for innovations and exchange of ideas among artists and intellectuals.

5. To encourage authors, artists, filmmakers and writers to work on the subject of ‘the Prophet of Mercy and Justice’.

6. To identify and encourage committed and religious writers and artists and discover new talents.

7. To replace blasphemous works with positive ones in the media and social networks.

A) Categories

The film festival will be held in the following categories:

1. Short film 2. Short documentary 3. Animation

B) Suggested Topics

1. Parts of the life history of the Prophet of Mercy and Justice (s.a)

2. Moral, social and behavioral approaches of the Prophet of Mercy and Justice (s.a.) such as philanthropy, compassion, hospitality, justice, kindness towards orphans, helping the weak and the needy, behaviors in family environment, encouraging people to gain knowledge, combating ignorance and superstition, equality, good relations with others, having a simple life, popularity, relationship with Allah, prayers and supplications, paying attention to the environment, nature and animals’ rights, combating racism, and ...

3. Compassion and mercy in the Holy Quran (with emphasis on the mission of the Holy Prophet (s.a.) and that the Holy Quran is the Divine Book of our Prophet.

4. Portraying the sayings and words of the Prophet of Mercy and Justice (s.a.).

5. Showing how to take lessons and put into practice the lifestyle of Prophet of Mercy and Justice (s.a.) in today life.

5. Response to insults to the Prophet of Mercy and Justice (s.a.) (including blasphemous cartoons and movies).

6. Any content related to the Prophet of Mercy and Justice (s.a.).

C) Awards

1. 1st place winners at each of the three abovementioned categories shall be granted 14 gold coins(*)

2. 2nd place winners at each category will be awarded 12 gold coins.

3. 3rd place winners at each category will be granted 10 gold coins.

4. The next 14 winners at each category will be granted 2 gold coins.

5. All participants shall receive a Certificate of Participation in the Festival as well as some gifts.

(*) Gold coins - known as Bahar Azadi – are produced by the Central Bank of Iran with a total weight of 8.133 gr. (net weight of gold: 7.32 gr.)

D) Rules

1. Duration of films: maximum 14 minutes.

2. There should be explicit mention of the Holy Prophet (s.a.) in the produced films.

3. Showing the face of the Holy Prophet (s.a.) or his Ahlul Bayt (a.s.), first caliphs and the wives of the Prophet is forbidden.

4. All produced works must be submitted to the Festival’s Secretariat in DVD format.

5. There is no limit for the number of dispatched works for each category; however, each single work must be submitted on a separate DVD.

6. All filmmakers, directors, producers, and any natural or legal person from all countries can participate in the Festival.

7. Completing and signing the Application Form is mandatory and shall be considered as full acceptance of Festival’s rules and regulations by the participants.

8. Registration and completing the Application Form is possible either online or by registered mail.

9. The signer of the Application Form shall be considered as the owner of the piece of work. Companies or organizations, if participated, should introduce a natural person as the owner.

10. Due to the missionary nature of Festival, its Secretariat shall upload all received films on the social networks affiliated to the Ahlulbayt World Assembly before the closing ceremony.

11. Participation in or receiving awards from other festivals would not be an obstacle to attend this Festival; however, films which have not attended other festivals will receive more points.

12. Versions of films received by the Secretariat will not be returned to senders.

13. The Festival shall be authorized to use the received films for cultural and promulgation – but not commercial – purposes.

14. The Festival shall preserve the right to translate the received works into other languages or purchase selected works for international use or broadcast on satellite channels.

15. Festival’s Secretariat shall be ready to provide consultations to filmmakers, directors and participants in the Festival for selection of topics or any religious questions they may have.

E) Time Schedule

1. Deadline for sending works: 1 December 2013

2. Review, arbitration, and sending notifications to the participants:by 21 December 2013

3. Festival’s Time: January 2014

F) How to Send Works

Produced works along with the completed form (below) to be sent by registered mail to the following address:

Secretariat of the Ahlulbayt Grand Prize Contest

1st Floor, the Ahlulbayt World Assembly, Jomhouri-Eslami Blvd., Qom, I.R.IRAN (P.O.Box 37145-151)

Tel/Fax. (+98 25) 3 2131 250

Email: &

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